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  is one of our favorite times of the year – dressing up, gathering with friends, and partying in some awesome outfits! Though 2020 didn’t end how we quite planned it, that doesn’t mean you can no Halloweenlonger celebrate the occasion. In fact, you should get inspired by it.

The colors we rock in wigs and hairstyles for Halloween are bold, fearless and at times empowering. So why aren’t we as bold in real thehappyworld.org life? That bright red wig actually suited you, so why not take the plunge? It’s better to be daring with your style!

Here are some of our favorite Halloween-Inspired hair colors that we think, no, we know, you can rock all year round!

Pumpkin Spice

s the hottest hair color right now, and it just so happens to be a color we tend to rock at Halloween – but why stop there? It looks incredibly striking on fairer skin tones. Though it is trending, it’s still a look that will last through the years! With the help of your hairstylist, y thehelloamerica.com ou can achieve this particular shade of ginger. It is bold, with dark undertones to make you stand out. We can assure you, you will be the talk of the office with this hair color!

Cherry Cola

Whate hear you ask, confused. Well, other than the drink, it is soon to become your favorite hair color! It’s a gorgeous burgundy shade with red streaks running through it – the bolder, the better we say! You can opt for differe thesecretoftime.net nt variations of the look, but we love darker styles with bold red highlights – it is refreshing new take on red hair. You won’t be disappointed with this hair color, that’s for sure. It suits most skin tones and with vamped up makeup, is a sexy touch to your look.


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